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Celebrating 85 Years of Excellence

UP Sigma Delta Phi Sorority launched “LIHOK”, a month-long celebration of the sorority’s 85 years of sisterhood. Lihok is a Cebuano word which means “to move”. In line with the sorority’s Anniversary, the Sigma Deltans empower the UP community to move in support of our culture and our being Filipino.

Inspired by the call of lihok — to move — we launched LIHOK with a performance by the sisters, featuring local music and choreography.

Sisters also roamed around UP and called on students to birit their favorite OPM songs for free pizza and drinks.

The sisters also spent their Saturdays with the children of the 8th Project Bata Mag-aral Ka (PBMK) in Metro Vargas, Quezon City.

PBMK 2018 was a 4-Saturday program for children aged 6 to 9 years old where Sigma Deltans teach basic reading, writing, arithmetic, cleanliness, and values, alongside educational dancing and singing. There were several activities for the children every Saturday such as puzzle-building and interactive storytelling. During the PBMK Graduation, Sigma Deltans brought the PBMK children and their parents to a free tour of Museong Pambata. The children were awarded their certificates and medals for completing PBMK.

To culminate the month, the sorority hosted “Lakas Lokal”, a free OPM concert held in UP Town Center, which featured up and coming local bands bred from inside and outside UP.

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