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Project Bata, Mag-aral Ka

In 2009, the sorority started “Project Bata, Mag-aral Ka”, its flagship program which aims to teach and inspire children in low–income families around the University. “Project Bata, Mag-aral Ka”, or PBMK, offers an interactive learning experience to indigent children as well as instills in them the value and importance of education for a brighter future.

Changemakers: Redefining Boundaries

An hour-long webinar of stories from amazing women who have made a difference by using their talents, strengths, and influence in serving the community.

Make A Difference

PBMK Scholarship Fair

A career and scholarship fair to help kids from Grades 5-6 interactively learn about the different Senior High School strands that will help them achieve their dream careers.

We want to show them their options and opportunities to equip them with the right tools and information to plan their futures, and accomplish their dreams.

Through “Lihok”, meaning movement or action, we wanted to challenge everyone to move, and to use their talents, passions, and excellence to empower others.

Our projects included: Lakas Lokal, a unique festival promoting local music, dance, arts and cuisine; and the 8th run of our flagship project PBMK.

The Diliman Initiative